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Delicious as always!

Kayleigh, 30May17

Best pizza in MK, nom nom nom

James, 26May17

Nice pizzas, they always come hot & fresh

Michelle, 18May17

Always dough-licious...

Gavin, 18May17

First time we have tried you, and very impressed. Much better than other delivery pizzas we have had, we look forward to trying the other varieties on your menu.

John, 11May17

First time we have tried Affamato, and we're very impressed. Much better than the other delivery pizzas we have had before, you'll now be our go-to pizza. Looking forward to trying the other dishes on the menu.

John, 11May17

Very nice pizza, quick delivery, all good.

Diego, 07May17

Consistently very good

Graeme, 06May17

a little pricey but REALLY good. Too much normal mozzarella recently so we switched to buffala as there is less and makes a nicer pizza.

Sam, 06May17

Really love it! Been telling everyone about it and ordering constantly every Sunday.Unfortunately the only downside is the pizza always gets here warm (

Chris Holland, 25Apr17

Amazing pizza

Mike, 21Apr17

Great as ever very delicious

Lynn Ovenden , 14Apr17

Best pizza in mk

Mohamed, 12Apr17

Very nice food indeed

Rhys, 04Apr17

The best delivery and best tasting pizza ever and I'm I'm lactose intolerant. Deliver was super fast with 19 minutes left on the delivery clock and it's at the door BOOM FOOD YES

Laura, 02Apr17

pyszna pizza

Aga, 31Mar17


Andrew, 31Mar17

Best Vegan pizzas in the land!

Aaron, 26Mar17

great food andservice

Andrew, 26Mar17

Love affirmations.

Dean, 26Mar17

Great pizza very tasty

Kevin, 25Mar17


Guilherme, 25Mar17

Best pizza in Milton Keynes ) Thank you very much!

James, 23Mar17

Molto buonaa

Elisa, 18Mar17


Alex, 18Mar17


Kate, 18Mar17


Steven Bird, 18Mar17

If possible options for gluten free dough bites and other sides would be even more awesome! )

Kingsley Masters, 15Mar17

Vegann options! !!!

Rachael Mcjarrow , 11Mar17

Really tasty vegetariana, thanks.

Angela Mooney, 11Mar17

Always love the pizza

Chris Agostini, 11Mar17

The pizza was very nice and the taste was like when I go back home to Italy! Well done guys we needed to have a nice pizzeria in MK ! You guys are the N.1 in MK ! BRAVISSIMI

Ciriaco , 10Mar17

amazing food - best pizza we have ever had

Richard Mariner, 10Mar17

Best pizza in MK!

James, 10Mar17

A really good pizza all round. Brilliant choice, and a restaurant grade pizza, straight to my door... Perfection.

William John, 09Mar17

Great food - we love it!

Zara, 05Mar17

Great service and quality pizza.

Edwin From Bletchley, 04Mar17

Best and most authentic pizza in Milton Keynes.

Nikki, 04Mar17

excellent pizzas and speedy service

Louise Fiske, 04Mar17

Quicker than expected, very tasty pizza. Very happy customers.

Rc, 03Mar17

very good

Agamariusz, 02Mar17

Very good pizza the dough balls were excellent

Colin Wroblewski, 24Feb17


Steph, 24Feb17

Lovely pizza, thanks.

Jonathan Mooney, 18Feb17

Best Pizza in mk hands down

Danny Prestedge, 14Feb17

We are lucky to have affamato in Milton Keynes so we don't miss more our pizza in Italy. Always excellent. Keep on with your fantastic job!

Family Garcia Ponchietti, 12Feb17


Bhav, 11Feb17

Without a doubt, the best quality pizza in the tri-counties area. We were also incredibly impressed with the prompt delivery - well done!

Mathew Alton, 10Feb17

Fresh ingredients and really tasty, best take a away pizza in Milton Keynes!

Tasha, 10Feb17

Hi Affamato team! I'm SO happy with my pizza and i hope you will not changing anything in the future because i really love Italian ingredients what you used for your pizzas! Thank you

Timea Mihaly, 10Feb17


Emma, 09Feb17

The nicest pizza I've had for about 10yrs. Truly authentic, bursting with flavour. We had half and half. The one with Pepperoni for my young boys and the one with mushroom for us. I doubt will be able to order or satisfied with any generic pizzas from now on. If in doubt please try you won't be sorry!!!!

Donna , 05Feb17

I found myself rushing home from work, just to make sure I could get my order in before Match Of The Day. The pizza is just that good!

Michael, 04Feb17

Seriously amazed! Was round a mates and wanted to get pizza so thought Pizza Hut, Dominoes etc and then on a whim thought I wonder if there's any really nice pizza places in Milton Keynes. So we went on Milton Keynes' reddit forum and found someone who said this was the best in the area and they couldn't have been more right. We got two margaritas, a pepperoni pizza and a mushroom pizza (which was so fungusey it was like a goddamn truffle). Better than any pizza restaurant, better than Pizza Express or any of those guys, this was the real deal. Seriously impressed, well done. Thank you. Good Pizza. Cheers!

Alex, 31Jan17

A little too much mozzarella for me, otherwise delicious.

Sue Tomlinson, 27Jan17

Perfect every time

Alison Harding, 22Jan17

Very happy to have Vegan Pizza delivery options- thank you

Ria Richardson, 22Jan17

Fantastic pizza toppings to die for love every bit of the pizza

John Cook, 18Jan17

Affamato is the first and last word when it comes to pizza in MK. I've ordered twice since Dec, and ordering couldn't be easier. And twice it's arrived early, hot and bloody tasty. Sending thanks to your team, especially the cooks and delivery people!

M, 14Jan17

Honestly one of the best pizza places around Milton Keynes. Service is sincere and amazing. The pizzas taste divine too! Recommended these guys a few times )

Crystal Mcjarrow, 14Jan17


Periklis, 10Jan17


T, 10Jan17

Great Pizza!!! D thank you

Tina , 10Jan17

The best pizza in Milton Keynes

Alison, 10Jan17

What a pizza!!! Best in MK.

Gregg, 08Jan17

Great, as usual

John Booth, 07Jan17

It is literally THE best pizza I ever had, and I am a huge pizza fan, since I first discovered it, roughly about 16 years ago.The base is simply amazing, thin,crispy,tasty and most important NOT making you feel like you weigh a ton after you eat it.The toppings are delicious, fresh and not oily at all( I am talking about the meats and cheese - as lots of pizza places use dirt cheap pepperoni and hydrogenated vegetable fat to substitute mozzarella).I reckon your oven is under some sort of magic, because it cooks the pizza just right!Well done to everybody at Affamato, you are making one hell of a job! I feel so bad that I will move out of Milton Keynes soon, but I will definitely come back for your amazing pizza.It would be disrespectful to talk about the price here, because what you guys are doing is so much more than just takeaway food.

Spiridon Dragomirescu, 07Jan17

Ordered a number of times, every order has been to the same high standard, an excellent menu, wide range of ingredients simply not offered elsewhere and a quick & polite delivery service. The Philosopher John Stuart Hall obviously had never ordered from Affamato when he stated There is no such thing as absolute certainty, because at Affamato excellent pizza is an absolute certainty.

James John, 06Jan17

Excellent service. Great Pizza. What more could you ask for.

John Case, 06Jan17

Best pizza in mk

Paul, 06Jan17

Great pizza

Amanda, 06Jan17

Affamato pizzas are the best in Milton Keynes, and some of the best I've tried In the UK. The pizza base has this Neapolitan sourdough taste that makes them unique. My favourite is the Capricciosa, though the Buffala (I choose melted mozzarella DOP) is delicious, the quintessential pizza napoletana! I perhaps miss more Italian-like varieties anchovies and capers, Prosciutto e funghi, primavera, etc. but nevertheless, truly the best in Milton Keynes by far!

Jose Rubio, 03Jan17

Superb Customer Service. Quick. Pizza, just like in Italy. Highly Recomended.

Krisz, 03Jan17

Excellent as usual

Jade Newbury, 03Jan17

Best pizza I've ever had! Everything was spot on.

Lee, 01Jan17

Good standard everything

Max Crowe, 01Jan17

Lovely food

Sam Bagley, 31Dec16

Very good service!

Mario, 31Dec16

Great as you accomadate vegans!

Emma Carey, 31Dec16

Great food

Paul , 30Dec16

First time ordering, the food tasted very fresh. Not much flexibility on the website to customise pizzas on the menu. We wanted to order half and half, but couldn't seem to create our own, you had to pick from the specialised menu. Tracker system was very good and accurate. Considering other competitors always have offersdeals, we found it a little bit pricey for 2 individual pizzas.

Ryan, 29Dec16

Extremely fast service!

Anne, 29Dec16

Fresh, tasty pizzas

Erin Lydon, 27Dec16

Awesome as always and the site makes ordering really easy now too!

Mo Westwood, 20Dec16

First order, scrummy It definitely won't be the last

Colin Wroblewski , 17Dec16

Wow, everything about your service tonight was impressive! Having not bought a Florentina as a takeaway ever, I thought twice about ordering one thinking it may not travel well. But it was easily the best I've had in MK and it was delivered to my door as if the oven was in the car! Thank you for the effort you put in to your pizza I will definitely be ordering again! Grazie -)

Mkmk, 17Dec16

Delicious pizza! Very 'italian'.

Elena, 17Dec16

This is quality pizza, with the finest ingredients. I would like to see some sort of loyalty card, ie get a free pizza on the 10th delivery or something of that nature.

Russell, 17Dec16

Brilliant pizza! It tastes fresh with quality ingredients with no grease coming off the pizza in the box. I'll be ordering again!

Laura, 16Dec16

Delicous gormet pizza. I love the vegan cheese.

Ivy, 14Dec16

Very nice pizza. Fresh ingredients and extremely tasty.

Ebunoluwa, 13Dec16

5 Star Pizza.Thank you!

Alex Arundell, 09Dec16

Our first order, it was delicious, probably the most authentic pizza we've had outside of Italy in fact!We will definitely order again, Grazie mille.

Nikki, 06Dec16

First time ordering after a recommendation, will definitely be ordering again!

Sarah Dawson , 03Dec16

Had several of these pizzas. Taste great, easy to order.

Glenda Bates, 03Dec16

Absolutely great product and ingredients are very tasty and seem natural home made

Cipoton, 02Dec16

Best pizza in Mk and fab service! -)

Amy Riley , 01Dec16


Alex, 30Nov16

Quality of ingredients is excellent and great tasting pizza - could be better value though maybe through more dealsoffers? Quite a long delivery time

Matt Chapman, 27Nov16


Sarah, 26Nov16

Very good

Maghy, 26Nov16

Just superb, great flavours & quick delivery .. proper and authentic .. what more can you ask for ?!?! -)

Anita , 25Nov16

Excellent vegan pizza!

Ivy, 25Nov16

Better then other pizzas

Alex, 24Nov16


Maria, 24Nov16

Best pizza ever......!

Maximo , 23Nov16

Pizza was one of the best ive had delivery was crazy fast about 20 minutes

Kirsty H, 22Nov16

The two pizzas for three people was plenty and it was absolutely delicious. The Tuesday offer is a nice touch and will definitely be used over competitors Tuesday offers in the future.

Matthew Lewis, 22Nov16

Always beautiful pizza! Bravissimo!

Thomas Harvey, 22Nov16

Was a bit wary about ordering from here at first but the food arrived very quickly and is possibly one of the best pizzas i ever had.

Abithan, 21Nov16

Great pizza, best in Milton Keynes! Perhaps you could offer a pizza base with a white sauce or bechemel sauce.

Gemma, 19Nov16

Best pizza great quality 1010

Mark, 18Nov16

Finally a real pizza! Pizzahut is a joke compared.

Leonard Tutui, 17Nov16

Great pizza. Price maybe a bit high but the quality warrants it. Delivery service could be a little faster. Normally takes shy of an hour.

Pedro, 16Nov16

Could be more olives but other than this the ingredients and service is great.

Matt Wate, 15Nov16

Honestly the best pizza take out place in Miton Keynes. Can't beat the unlimited toppings and the quality of the ingredients.Thank you once again.

Morgan Coetzee, 15Nov16

Service quite quick.I had been recommended multiple times and decided to give Affamato a go - I cannot recommend it highly enough. This is what proper Pizza is all about.

Joe, 12Nov16

Very tasty pizza as always. Just a shame that the topping had slipped off and stacked up in the corner of the box.

Sara Baulard, 12Nov16


Chris Banks , 12Nov16

Had your pizzas before. Best in Milton Keynes.

Glenda, 12Nov16

Very well presented, friendly delivery man. Followed instructions left. Pizza was fresh and plenty of toppings.Will be ordering again. Timer showed 55 minutes for delivery, as I'm typing this there is still 15 minutes left. Excellent.Dipesh Joshi - 07887983122.

Dipesh Joshi, 11Nov16

Good quality food at reasonable price.

Ian Cope, 11Nov16

Lovely pizzas, probably the best in MK!

Myriam, 08Nov16

Quick service, pizza was hot on arrival and tasted very nice

Leon, 06Nov16


K Millward , 06Nov16

Lovely as always

Carl, 05Nov16

We don't order from anywhere else. The pizzas are very tasty and they are always fresh

Michelle Sirett, 05Nov16

Really lovely pizza, great quality ingredients and the cheesecake was delicious- tasted like homemade! Thanks

Jade, 04Nov16

Always fantastic pizza and sides.

Ian, 04Nov16

Lovely pizzas delivered piping hot.

Colin, 30Oct16

the pizzas are great Some of the best delivery pizzas we have ever had Great to have the possibility to choose what ingredients we want and the different bases.

Pedro, 30Oct16

Best pizza in town

Ian, 29Oct16

Finally found a delivery pizza place that isn't just doughy bread. These are your thin, light and full of flavour pizza you'd get in Naples or Rome.

Young, 29Oct16

Second time ordering lovely pizza.

Nadia, 29Oct16

Always love your pizza! Delicious, fresh , veggie food!

Kestrel Simpson, 29Oct16

Excellent quality, flavours, service and delivery. Can't fault Affamato!

Gemma, 29Oct16

First time using Affamato and we were really impressed. The products tasted amazing and it was great valu for money. Only problem for us is that you don't deliver to Newport Pagnell so we had to order to a friends house and go and pick it up from there's. Hopefully you'll deliver further out in the future as we will be purchasing again!

Katie Bush, 28Oct16

Awesome vegan and vegetarian food!

Kestrel Simpson, 27Oct16

Tastiest Pizza in MK

Laura De Ste Croix, 26Oct16

My brother Ben, who is visiting, said it was the best pizza he'd ever had. )

Emily, 25Oct16

Food was very good and delivered quickly although we did receive Diet Coke instead of regular Coke as ordered.

Shane, 24Oct16

Lovely quality pizza ingredients and service.Topping quantity can vary on occasion.

Chris Hill , 24Oct16

Hey guys... Love the pizza and the service, I think you're great! Would love to help you out with your website flow and user experience though!

Jessica Lovegood, 24Oct16

Fantastic pizza. Always really delicious and delivered faster than expected.Great service. Excellent work guys!

Frank Tracey, 21Oct16


Dawn, 21Oct16

The service is really good and the pizza's are the best in Milton Keynes.

Gemma, 20Oct16

Amazing pizza and excellent service. We are very regular customers x

Gemma Segers, 19Oct16

Awesome Pizza!

Angelo, 18Oct16

Lovely pizza, great choice of toppings, delicious crust, just right thanks.

Wendy, 15Oct16

Excellent pizza

Chris Goudie , 14Oct16

Thank you very much) excellent as always )

Sylwia Nosek, 12Oct16


Christine, 11Oct16


Craig , 09Oct16


Zaira, 08Oct16

Beats the bigger commercial pizza places by miles , keep making great food )

David Ofarrell, 08Oct16

Amazing food and excellent service!A part of our order was forgotten, but was quickly delivered afterwards with extra cheesecake. We really appreciated that.

Jonathan , 03Oct16

Really lovely pizza guys! We'll be back again!

Isabell Perrin, 01Oct16

Found easy to use and to order online

David Poole , 29Sep16


Krzysztof, 29Sep16

You make the best pizza in town!!!! By a long long way.

Jon, 27Sep16

Best Pizza in MK bar none. A wide selection of ingredients all of an extremely high quality.

Matt Baker , 27Sep16

Gorgeous pizza and fantastic service! 1010! Thank you!!

Erika Davies, 26Sep16

Pizzas are always delivered quickly and they taste delicious! My new favourite!

Katie Parkins, 26Sep16

Superb!Can't beat Affamato on a Sunday

Tosh, 25Sep16

I love your Pizzas, they like living somewhere else not in England. )

Matilde, 24Sep16

The pizza was delicious. Dominos and Papa John's are few leagues below. Will be definitely ordering from you again. Thank you.

Viktor, 24Sep16

This is a mixed review. The ordering process was straight forward, our pizza arrived quicker than the time given on the website, the pizza was also very good with lots of flavour. These are the good points, the negatives are that I received in excess of 100 automated emails confirming both my registration on the website and for my order. The other negative is that our pizza was only barely warm at best when it was delivered. I know the latter was solved by warming the pizza up, but it would have been better if it had been delivered hot. I'd still like to point out that the pizza was a very good pizza once it was hot.

Clive, 23Sep16

as always excellent value for money and extremely yummy

Lynn Ovenden, 22Sep16

Very good pizza ... and very good service!

Gian Massimo, 21Sep16

Your pizza is the best take away I've ever had, it's so fresh and tasty compared to other places in MK and I absolutely love the chewy (in a good way) dough and the fresh toppings. It rivals the best pizza we've ever had which was in Miami South Beach, and believe me we've tried a few! D

Carly Parker Harvey, 18Sep16

Easy to use website.

Russell, 18Sep16

Loved the pizza would have been a softer base for me with tomato sauce but I've got a fussy wife to please! Beautiful tiramisu to finish!

David Lovesy, 14Sep16

First time I ordered, was a bit sceptical at first but definitely not disappointed! Food was almost as good as back home ( Italy ) and the delivery was super fast! Will definitely be ordering again. Well done ) )

Ericka, 14Sep16

Best pizza in Bletchley!

Paolo, 13Sep16

website is complicated to navigate, doesnt work on portible devicesand in 2 mins you will call me to ask me for my address even though i have entered it! your food is very good though to date.

Ross Eatwell, 10Sep16

Very polite delivery man. Arrived a lot quicker than expected and looks amazing. )

Sara, 10Sep16

Don't like the new ordering system.Unable to see what topping you've already selected on the magic 6 - a bit confusing.Had to delete and start again (happy vegan cheese is now 50p!

Nicole, 09Sep16


Richard Graco, 07Sep16

Amazing service yet again.

Lauren Bailey, 06Sep16

You are the best place to get pizza in milton keynes!

Gwen Wate, 06Sep16

Lovely pizza

Nirav, 06Sep16


Jenn, 06Sep16

Amazing! Finally a place that makes proper pizza )

Rita, 05Sep16


Kirstie, 03Sep16

Super speedy service and absolutely delicious pizza. I can see this being a regular Friday night treat.

Hannah Parish, 02Sep16

Best and most authentic pizza in MK by far

Dave Booth, 31Aug16

Excellent value for money

John Case, 27Aug16

Hello, you left the pineapple off the pizza, which was a shame, but it was very nice otherwise.

Jennifer Lazarides, 27Aug16

Simply the best pizza I've ever had from a takeaway. Absolutely delicious and authentic. We won't be ordering from elsewhere going forwards!

Andrew, 27Aug16

Food is always mega. Mozzarella sticks could be a bit creamier, so fer both times they have been rock hard. Pizzas are so good though.PayPal as a payment option would be great too.Just ordered our first ever 'make your own' pizzas so very much looking forward to how they come out. Keep up the good work

Ralph, 26Aug16

The best pizza in MK

Bobby, 22Aug16


Alan, 22Aug16

Beats the pants off dominos , pizza hut and papa john etc

David Ofarrell, 21Aug16

Very nice. Love the Nduja paste )

Ian Matthews, 21Aug16

Great Pizza Great Prices

Adam, 20Aug16

Best pizza in Milton Keynes!

Nicola Cook, 20Aug16

Best Pizzas, I have ever had. Keep up the good work!

Leilani Simpson, 18Aug16


Fajer Ben Naser, 18Aug16

Mozzarella sticks were quite hard a and not overly cheesy. Pizza was lovely! Great choice of ingredients and tasted great. Super speedy delivery too and fab chicken wings!

Lydia, 15Aug16

Best pizza in milton keynes!!

Gyula , 15Aug16

I don't order from anywhere else now, it's amazing! You get to pick your own toppings which is a bonus, and they have vegan cheese! Really fast delivery too.

Ellie Hudson, 15Aug16

Traditional, oven-baked lushness! We ordered 3 pizzas to feed 4 of us and still had leftovers. Pizzas were lovely, delivery was fast and staff friendly. Thanks Affamato

June Waller, 14Aug16

Delicious pizzas, really quick service and great value for money for the family offer! However, the dessert pizza did not meet expectations- it was too tough, not crispy... nutella on toast would have been better. Please improve this for the future! Overall, very happy which fed 17 of us!

Nikki Choong, 14Aug16

1st time of using tonight. Quick delivery, very enjoyable. Loved the crust! Pizza felt nice and light, not too heavy. Thank you for a lovely pizza

Donna , 13Aug16

Very nice

Zaira, 12Aug16

always very yummy pizza's!!

Laura Foot, 12Aug16

Just enjoying the most delicious Pizza. So fresh and full of flavour. Wide range of toppings to choose from. So impressed thank you Affamato

Haley , 10Aug16

Best pizza in town won't eat it from any other place amazing ingredients amazing price thank you

Jfarrell, 10Aug16

Great pizza, great value Tuesday deal. Way better quality than the big pizza brand take aways. Always delivered before the stated time.

Richard F, 09Aug16

your pizza is exceptional

Nicolas, 07Aug16

By far and away the best pizza in Milton Keynes.

Alexi, 07Aug16

It would be good the have the ammount to pay in the email as well.

Anas, 06Aug16

Excellent as ever and Im still working my way through the combinations

Dan Davidson, 06Aug16

Brilliant and Tasty as always! )

Kayleigh Ovenden, 05Aug16


Bobby, 31Jul16

Always high-quality pizza!

Jade Newbury, 31Jul16

I'd never heard of Affamato before, but after my first try I guarantee I shan't be ordering pizza from anywhere else in Milton Keynes again!Fabulous pizza, very quick and the sides were also delicious.Only flaw was that the pizza was quite oily but it happens.

Angie, 30Jul16

This is the second pizza I've ordered from Affamato, and a second serving of perfection. Last week was not a fluke. Excellent ingredients, great base, very quick delivery once again, and good friendly service by the delivery driver.

Dan Davidson, 29Jul16

Very tasty pizza, absolutely loved it. Tiramisu also deserves 5 stars )

Szilvia, 29Jul16

Best pizza EVER... proper Italian pizza!!! Coming from an Italian, I can confirm this the pizza we ordered was deeeeeelicious!! I will never order from anywhere else!Grazie Affamato! Buonissimo! Fantastico Tonie x

Tonie Testa, 28Jul16

Best pizza in MK. Fact

Rob Willis, 27Jul16

Pizza excellent! Please find a solution to this problem I cannot place any order with a Mac...

Lucw, 26Jul16

It's very good

Zaira , 23Jul16

Keep up the good work , this is our second order , last one was amazing , I would drop the desert pizza and find another lighter pudding

Jeff Brooks , 23Jul16

Wow, this pizza is a game changer! I've long disliked the taste of the big chain pizza factories. This tastes like an authentic little slice of Italy. Delivery was 20 minutes earlier than predicted and awesome value for money.

Dan Davidson, 22Jul16

Buonissimo! bravi raggazi

Angelo, 22Jul16

Fast and Cheap!

Krisztofer Bagosi, 22Jul16

On my last order chicken was very little.I hope the order i have placed has better amount of chicken please.If this is sorted I would raise my score to very nice and very good.Thank You.

Mahesh Mistry, 19Jul16

Great service and freshly delivered.

Edwin, 16Jul16

Great, amazing pizza with a really Italian feel!I would only want to suggest to Affamato to make more types of protein avakianle to customers who wish to make their own pizza. No there's only marinated chicken which, by the way, is very spicy! Non spicy chicken, tuna, turkey breast would all be incredible options!!!

Livia , 16Jul16

Fantastic authentic pizza at last in Milton Keynes! Thank-you Affamato for opening here. I travelled in Italy alot and have never found pizza that tastes like it does there, until now! You are epic x

Annie Fischer, 16Jul16

Since the first order, we've never ordered any where else ... you're pizza's are incredible !!!

Anita, 15Jul16

Amazing Picante Pizza last night with a fee extra toppings. My friend had gluten free Base too. Was so lovely . Arrived quickly and was.pioing hot. Delivery driver was really polite and explained order well. Have woken up with cravings for the pizza again and looking at diary to see when next 'takeaway' night is.

Claire Pilsworth, 14Jul16

amazing pizza, closest I've had to been in Italy!!! Maybe a few more deals for regulars???

Gemma Murgatroyd, 13Jul16

Lovely! I will keep coming back to affamato )

Cris, 13Jul16

The best authentic pizza I've tasted outside of Italy. Decent varied menu to accompany the good value service provided by Affamato. If you're on the fence about giving these guys a go, go for it, won't be disappointed. Oh and the delivery is ridiculously speedy as well to boot!

Kyle C, 12Jul16

As close as I can get to feeling at home.

Dino, 12Jul16

Probably the best pizza in MK, very nice.

Rodri, 10Jul16

As always a great service and great food

Nikki, 09Jul16

Was recommended you by my sister and you didn't disappoint, the pizza was amazing, full of flavour and very delicious and the dough balls were mouth watering although a little burnt. I will definitely be ordering from you again.

Sharon Place, 08Jul16

Amazing as always!

Kayleigh Ovenden, 08Jul16

Pizza was delivered piping hot. Great value and very authentic I would say it's the best in MK. We will be back !

Zara, 08Jul16

Excellent pizza, even better than many pizzas I've had in Italy!!

Alejandra, 07Jul16

your website doesn't work on an iphone which is really frustrating!

Ross Eatwell, 07Jul16

A good pizza delivery service, I like a thinner base on my pizza a range of options could be an idea

Suzanna Whitwell , 06Jul16

Quoted 55 mins for delivery, came in 17. Amazing.

Alex, 06Jul16

Recommended by a friend, did not disappoint.

Shawna Marie, 05Jul16

Pizzas are great

Leonie , 03Jul16

Superb!One of the best pizzas Iv ever had!

Craig Mckinnon, 03Jul16

Pizza cold, but very tasty and the bottle of cola I paid, for online, with the order was not with the pizza delivery. Driver said he would have to bring it to me in half an hour!

Leilani, 02Jul16

Excellent, authentic pizza that was delivered piping hot and on time.

Gemma, 02Jul16

Ordered for the first time tonight and the food was absolutely delicious. We did the bundle with 20 pizza and 3 sides which was very good value.Really loved the huge choice of toppings and being able to add an unlimited amount was great. Will definately be ordering again, and recommending!

Emma, 01Jul16

I'm so glad there's a place in milton keynes that delivers vegan pizza! And the quality of the pizza is so amazing that my non-vegan friends love it too.

Nicolaluna , 01Jul16

Lovely food. Better than the chains by far. Unfortunately our dips didn't arrive but still very good.

Carl, 01Jul16

Best pizza I've had outside of Italy!

Katie Ianson, 30Jun16

Really good pizza. Dominoes, Pizza Hut and the various other rubbish don't compare. Highly recommend

Richard F, 28Jun16

Absolutely fantastic pizza... Best around- thank you!

Marco, 28Jun16

I love your pizza! I don't go anywhere else!

Ceylon Dell, 27Jun16

Amazing service and ultra quick delivery. Will definitely order again!

Debbie Hammond, 26Jun16

Always great

Ian, 26Jun16

It was all delicious, a real treat compared to the normal pizza delivery. Only one minor negative - it arrived earlier than stated and I wasn't home (too efficient) which meant it had cooled a little.

Lyn, 25Jun16

We have just eaten what we all agree to be the most amazing pizza ever. Absolutely delicious. We will be coming back for more. Lots more!

Sara Baulard, 25Jun16

Very nice Pizza.

Tom, 25Jun16

Loved the wings and my delicious pizza,the tiramusu base was burnt and that's a shame because for the price 16.99 it would have been great value had the desert delivered as well as the chicken and pizza!

Steph, 24Jun16

Best pizza I've ever had!

Spen Allen, 23Jun16

My favourite pizza delivery people - it's a shame I have to order them to work so I can take them home because they get cool and the crust gets chewy on reheating but love that you don't have to have a tomato base!

David Lovesy, 22Jun16

Food very nice, taste all fresh. Deffo be ordering again and again, 5star plus

Steve Carter , 22Jun16

Always beautiful

Antonio, 22Jun16

Best pizza we have ever tried. All the family loved it and delivery was super fast. (Under 20 mins)

Deborah Riddy, 21Jun16

Great food!

Lowri Parry, 21Jun16

Your Tuesday offer is excellent value & I love your pizza - best pizza in Mk!!!

Simonne Feeney, 21Jun16

Very good pizza

Konrad , 19Jun16

Lovely pizza

Carla Tomaszewska , 19Jun16

Thank you for the quick, efficient, and delivery order. Top quality pizza. !st time ordered, and not the last. Thank you so much. You do the best pizzas in MK....Marie, [email protected]

Marie, 18Jun16

Wow I've tried Affamato for the first time today, created my own pizza, it arrived really fast especially for a bust Saturday night, the delivery man was really sweet and friendly and everything looked and tasted great! Definitely returning soon!! Thanks )

Tina Eisen, 18Jun16

I love love this place, beats every other pizza place in MK

Rachel Hostler, 17Jun16

Epic pizza! Smashes Dominos!

Ralph , 17Jun16

I'm a complete Affamato convert. These pizzas are SO GOOD.

Chris Laslett, 16Jun16

Very good

Simon , 15Jun16

Your pizza is very good! Keep up the good work!

Jeferson, 15Jun16

Would definitely order again

Keiran Heaffey, 14Jun16

Really impressed with the speedy delivery - great pizza, great value, and I just wish they could expand their delivery zone so I didn't have to order it at work and stay late to bring it home!

David Lovesy, 13Jun16

Excelent as usual!

Anas, 13Jun16

Currently nursing a hefty food baby. Going to name it Affa. Best pizza in town!

Jordan Watson, 13Jun16

[email protected] food good price best pizza place for me.

Russell Amphlett , 12Jun16

Wow! Wasn't expecting that! Amazing pizza and very surprised at the size, value for money is incredible! You're doing it right! Sorry dominoes, step out of the way there's a new place in town!

Nick Lowther, 11Jun16

Payment pages crashed a couple of times.wonderful vegan pizza )

Nicole , 11Jun16

Very nice, we will definitely repeat soon )

Cris, 11Jun16

very good pizza with nice fresh ingredients. Pleasant to be able to order such good pizza )

Alice Fouquere, 10Jun16

With your pizza I don't miss anymore my lovely Italy...Well done Guys )

Vanessa, 10Jun16

Really delicious and fresh tasting! Definitely will be ordering again.

Emma, 09Jun16

Brilliant pizza thank you! Certainly the most authentic Ive had outside of ItalyGreat service and very quick delivery.. I'ii be ordering again no issue! [email protected]

David Booth, 09Jun16

Delicious pizza, very original menu, with an exotic assortment of ingredients. I was very pleased! Will recommend the pizza!

Rodolpho Leo, 08Jun16

Delivered quicker than expected and tasted amazing!!!

Daniel Ellis, 08Jun16

Pizza was really tasty ! For the next time maybe a little bit less tomato sos please. But generally very good ) . I highly recommend!

Mirela, 08Jun16

Great pizza and delivery was so quick!

Ellie , 08Jun16

Excellent pizza , one of the best i have ever had and definitely best in mk

Tim, 05Jun16

Nice pizza, went for the garlic butter base but was a bit much.

Mkdude, 05Jun16

Honestly the best pizza I've had!! X

C B Brookes, 04Jun16

Best pizza, maybe best takeaway, in the whole of the MK area. So glad we found you guys!

Brian, 04Jun16

Great food especially the dessert pizza. Heaven )

Vikki, 04Jun16

We love Affamato pizzas! Can you please just decide whether or not you are willing to deliver to our area as, every time we call, you seem to change the rules!! Thank you....

Jayne Robinson , 04Jun16

Best pizza in England, and me and my mistress Juliana love pizza so we should know.

Clive Bixby, 04Jun16

Excellent service - superb pizzas - lovely fresh ingredients. Far better than the traditional pizza options available on every high street !

George, 01Jun16

Seriously delicious pizza. Looking forward to the next one already! Thanks

Abigail, 31May16

Delicious, Italian style pizza. Much nicer than the usual American style you get from takeaways, and something Milton Keynes has been missing.

Paul Gibbs, 31May16

I simply love the pizzas you do, there is nowhere else better.

Ian, 31May16


Neil, 30May16

I love this pizza. I also feel no guilt after eating it.

Mike, 30May16

Fab pizza as always Thanks

Catherine, 29May16

Pizza was good

Jeff, 29May16


Helen, 28May16

Fantastic Food!! Nicest pizza we have ever had delivered....won't bother with any of the other pizza delivery companies in MK anymore. Super quick too, 55 minute estimated delivery but arrived much sooner.

Loren, 28May16


Nathan, 28May16

tasty pizza with fresh ingredients. easy to order and qiuck delivery

Francesco, 28May16

Pizza delivered 30 mins early than expected , great service and the pizza was delicious

Gary Morris, 28May16


Patrik Ejerfeldt, 28May16

We had an expected delivery time of about 50 minutes and I think it came in about 20! Nearly missed the delivery driver as we weren't expecting it this quick!The food was lovely, maybe a tiny bit too much tomato base for my liking, but I'm sure that can be easily changed if I mention it next time. My wife is delighted and she's normally quite picky about pizzas.

Nick, 28May16

As always, this was a lovely pizza. It's so different, and this has to be the best pizza in Buckinghamshire

Karen H, 28May16

Wonderful. Great customer service (called to check as I forgot to put put cheese on my make your own) really tasty. Brilliant Will be ordering again.

Suzannah, 28May16

very good but needed to cook a little longer

Enrico, 27May16

Quite expensive , but one of the only places to do vegan cheese. Taste and service brilliant

Matt Wate, 27May16

We love your vegan pizzas!Absolutely brilliant to have this in Bletchley ) ) )

Nicole, 27May16

Makes a nice change to eat quality Italian inspired pizza

Charlotte , 27May16

great pizza

Neil Major, 27May16

LOVE that you have vegan cheese! D

Helen Colby, 26May16

Well done! At last a business that understands that customers want a quality product at a fair price. Affamatos food is delicious, and the service is slick and professional none of the competition comes close! I will be coming back for more. Keep up the good work, and thank you

Tim, 23May16

Tried a new flavor and still so yummy. Now becoming a weekly tradition with my family

Lauren Bailey, 21May16

keep up with those great pizzas!

Gonz, 21May16

Great food will be back for more.

Scott, 21May16

Best pizza in mk . I never leave good reviews but this place is the nuts

Mikeyb, 20May16

First time I've ordered, definitely will not be the last!

David Lovesy, 18May16

Best Pizza in Milton Keynes

Dave, 18May16

Very nice pizzas, just delicious and great sizes too, was full after a couple of slices, but I am not complaining ) Will be ordering again soon - just yummy and how proper Italian pizza should taste. Glad Facebook posted an ad on my feed, the pizzas really do look like they appear in the pics. Thank you for excellent service too!

Sarah Gregory, 17May16

absolutely amazed with the service and quality of food

Francesca Pippo, 16May16

The best pizza in MK. Great ingredients and always tasty.

Hk, 14May16

delicious fresh food! refreshing to have pizza like this in MK

Laura, 14May16

The best pizza, great service.

Graham, 14May16

We have ordered a few times from you guys and everytime has been lovely. We even won a competition on Facebook for your height in pizza and they were lovery as well

Susan Gray, 14May16

Very good and authentic Italian pizza. Excellent service.

Alejandra, 13May16

The best pizza. Delicious fresh toppings and quick delivery. We won't go anywhere else for our pizza's.

Ann, 13May16

Superb as always

Calum, 13May16

Finally a decent pizza!

Lorenzo, 13May16

Best pizza around. Authentic Italian style. Fresh, huge and absolutely gorgeous! would highly recommend.

Tim, 13May16

Lovely Fresh Ingredients

James Mason, 13May16

Great food and service as usual.

Anas, 12May16

You were recommended to us and today was our first order and rest assured it will NOT be our last. Perfect service, easy and user friendly on-line ordering and fantastic fresh food.

Nikki, 11May16

I love Affamato MK pizzas, they are great, very recommended

Cris, 11May16

Very good pizza, better than in many pizzerias in italy.

Luca, 10May16

Best pizza ever.Amazing toppings and amazing dough,really quick.bye-bye dominos!!welcome affamato!!!

Miguel, 09May16


Ian, 09May16

Ordering for the second time and leaving my review based on my first order. Beautiful food and delivered within 30 minutes, despite being told delivery was an hour. No hesitation in coming back for more.

Dean, 08May16

Delicious half and half pizza and lovely sides! We will definately order again

Kim, 08May16

Brilliant tasting Pizzas and good quality toppings and pizza base very good quality. very good pizzas.

Peter Amarandos, 07May16

3rd time I've ordered from Affamato, Beautiful food, excellent service plus the website is very easy to use.If your looking to order authentic Italian pizza then look no further.

Anthony Barton, 07May16

Best pizza place in Milton Keynes. I have genuinely stopped ordering from anywhere else!

Vinay Mistry, 07May16

Pizza was just excellent ! Really good products on it and thin italian crust ! It was a perfection in the box ! We love it ! ! ! )

Mirela, 06May16

Really impressed with the ease of ordering, the speed of service and the quality of the food for the price.

Hazel, 05May16


Mike Thompson, 05May16

The food was really tasty, really nice to have pizza delivered with fresh ingredients.We also loved the desert pizza, very clever and delicious.Thanks

Lois, 05May16

Best pizza ive ever had, many thanks

Ian Whittaker, 04May16

My favourite takeaway in Milton Keynes! Always awesome food and quick delivery!

Lauren, 04May16

Guys the pizza is amazing, but please, a better website T.T It is unusable and the link to reset the password doesn-t work

Giuseppe, 03May16

Thanks guys super fast delivery and a massive thumbs up to one of the best pizza we have had ( eaten pizza all over the world ) yours is up there with pizza in Rome my sons and there friends have been singing your praises and have been telling us to try ( well we will be highly recommending to our friends and will be certainly be having again

Wendy, 02May16

Arrived much quicker than expected. Maybe could have been a little hotter. Pizzas delicious. Finally a decent take away pizza in MK

Catriona , 02May16

Best authentic pizza I have ever had, amazing will be using you again

Stephen Meeks , 02May16

Great as always. Best pizza around!

Jordan , 02May16


Jenny, 02May16

Lovely pizza, side and dessert. Dough was great and I was really impressed by the size of the garlic bread for the price. Perhaps could have been hotter on arrival. Otherwise really enjoyed it all. Will order again

Abigail, 02May16

Arrived much faster than expected and very, very tasty! Thank you

Elise, 01May16

Amazing quality from the toppings to the base. Highly recommend Affamato. I won't be using papa's or Dominos anymore as it just doesn't compare.

Ross, 01May16

The deliverer went a little bit over board with the buzzer!!

Jason, 01May16

Appreciated the variety of toppings to choose from. The pizza was well cooked and the vegetable toppings very nice. Very generous toppings and cheese

Paul, 01May16

So glad we have Affamato in MK now. Great service and very tasty pizza! My new favourite takeaway now )

Elena, 01May16

The best thing in the world is a pizza with vegan cheese. Thank you...please keep doing this....

Jade Newbury, 01May16


Lucy Scott, 30Apr16

It was awesome!

Kayleigh, 30Apr16


Chris, 30Apr16

Absolutely fantastic

Terry, 29Apr16

Best pizza in MK

Laurence, 29Apr16

Amazing pizza, a bit keen on the chillies but otherwise really great quality and obviously good ingredients -)Will be ordering again

Neil Lunn, 29Apr16

The food was great. Loved the pizza. Will for sure be ordering again from yourselves.

Peter Amarandos, 28Apr16

Seems to be a bit of a problem with the site when using a chrome browser, but I got a call to sort it out, which was great ) Lovely food! A bit too much garlic on the pizza, other than that perfect )

Mo Westwood, 26Apr16

We all loved the pizza

Bukky, 26Apr16

Authentic stone-baked pizza. You don't get much better than this! Fresh ingredients, stellar service 1010 would take my nan here.

Jordan Watson, 25Apr16

First time trying and it's amazing, best pizza We have ever had in the UK!

Zoe, 25Apr16

It was our first time trying affamato and it was brilliant- I would definitely get this again and recommend to others. The only issue we had was although we put in a note to have no garlic dip brought along with the wings we still received some- I was just concerned that if this was a note for a dietry need (such as gluten free or vegan) this may have caused problems

Kayleigh Ovenden, 24Apr16


James Claxton, 24Apr16

Amazing pizza and great value!

Catherine, 23Apr16

Great authentic taste. Certainly my new favourite takeaway!

Rachel, 23Apr16

Very enjoyable. Will have less toppings next time

Naomi Coppinger, 23Apr16

It arrived ten minutes early and was almost warm, if it would have arrived on time it would've been cold.First purchase so i will buy again, hopefully to not be disappointed.

Stephen Manley, 23Apr16

The pizza was delicious and the topping were really fresh. The gluten free base was great, but it was a real shame that the pizza totally cold by the time it got to me, that didn't spoil the taste I just prefer pizza warmThanks

Geni Ebbetts, 23Apr16

Excellent and tasty

Kishan, 23Apr16

Very nice, best pizza in MK !!

Franco , 23Apr16

Pizza ok,but I order with dip and paid for it but I didnt get...

Dariusz , 23Apr16

Very nice lad

Domenico, 23Apr16

Sides were delicious, pizza was lovely.

Ganesh Panchanathan, 22Apr16

Very good food and service everytime.

Ian Cope, 22Apr16

Authentic and tasty Italian style pizza. A really great delivery option to have in Milton Keynes.

Ian, 22Apr16

I'm used to pizza in Sicily - and you do get very close. Only issue is price. A good pizza is 4 to 6 euros. So as much as I liked it - will have to be an occasional treat. Overall - good job. Brings me closer to my favorite island.

Dino, 22Apr16

Great pizza, it will take a while to perfect my toppings I think less maybe more. Chicken wings were great and the desert pizza was fantastic. Far too much food ordered and consumed but good value for money and far, far better than the chain pizza available. Pizza delivered in the time specified and friendly service when I rang. It's nice to have another choice than the usual suspects. Great job thanks

Sam, 20Apr16


Ozzy Osbourne, 20Apr16

The best pizza I've ever eaten.100% recommend

Karol, 20Apr16

The best pizza in Milton keynes I ever tried. And I am italian. )

Fiora Calligaris, 19Apr16

Used for the 1st time today, was really nice pizza, will order again.

Dan , 18Apr16


Chris, 17Apr16

This was our first order and we will definitely be back for more, thanks!

Joanne Mclaughlin, 17Apr16

I ordered it for the first time this evening. Pizza was excellent. Delivery fast and good value for money. I will order it again!

Sandra, 16Apr16

2nd time ordering and even better than the first! Great choice of toppings and good value for money. Won't order from anywhere else now.

Ann, 16Apr16

Just stumbled across this pizza place on Google thought we give them a try. It's a great way to make your own pizza and loads of fresh ingredients to choose from. Definitely use them again.

Nicky, 16Apr16

It's great to have a more authentic tasting pizza available for delivery. The 18 pizza is huge and toppings are unlimited, best value pizza delivery I have had.

Laurence, 16Apr16

3rd time we've ordered! Great to find London quality takeaway pizza outside London!!Great work!!

Luke, 16Apr16

well done

Sophie, 15Apr16

Great to have somewhere in MK making authentic pizza!

Nick, 13Apr16

So pleased to find a proper pizza place in Milton Keynes that delivers!!!

Lindsay Boothman, 13Apr16

Excellent best take away in mk

Nirav, 13Apr16

Pizza's were both lovely. The wood fired dough balls the best. Delivered fast and before time. Delivery driver was very friendly. The meal deal is great value for money

Debbie Evans, 12Apr16

First time ordered. Good was amazing. Little disappointed with the fact I ordered honeycomb cheesecake but a fruit cheesecake turned up instead. Only reason we ordered the cheesecake was because we wanted honeycomb!

Katoe, 11Apr16

Will definitely be ordering again. Prompt service and lovely food. The dips were amazing and we used all of them, not like other pizza suppliers. Thank you for the genuine pizza experience I had missed since moving to Milton Keynes.

Ann Mantle, 10Apr16

This was my first time ordering, it was absolutely delicious! Will definitely be ordering again, thanks! Super nice delivery guy too )

Millie, 10Apr16

best pizza ever

Lisa Byrne, 09Apr16

Haven't tasted pizza this good since my last visit to sorrento Italy! Chicken wings were pretty tasty to ). Great service, so glad I found you.

Emma, 09Apr16

Best pizza I have ever had very nice

Abbey, 09Apr16

second time ordered - first time lovely - hopefully as good this time

Louise, 09Apr16

great pizza

Chris, 08Apr16

Amazing yet again.

Karl, 08Apr16

Very good )

Daisy, 08Apr16

Very quick delivery, fresh produce, delicious!! I will post some pictures on my social media @nikkichoong later! Definitely will order again and recommend to my friends and family.

Nikki, 08Apr16

Desserts were less good than pizzas (best pizza in mk)

Anas, 07Apr16

Delivery was super quick and quality is very nice

Irene, 05Apr16

We can't get enough of this pizza right now. The best in MK

Andy, 05Apr16

Spot on!

Kenton Harding, 05Apr16

Pizza was cold by the time it arrived - but we warmed it up in the oven & it was very tasty.For the price we paid, would have expected better delivery times!

Kate, 02Apr16

A really nice change from your typical delivery pizza. Will definitely order again.

Kevin Moore, 02Apr16

Hello, I had a half and half pizza from you tonight. It wasn't as good as my last order from you - the pizza was a bit soggy and cooler this time. The flavour was still very good.

Howard , 02Apr16

WOW! We thought we'd give you guys a try tonight and we not disappointed at all. The pizza was very tasty, and beautifully thin and crispy just like they serve in Naples. We were delighted and a little surprised that the pizza arrived ahead of the predicted 55 minutes quoted on the website - it was delivered piping hot, just 15 minutes after I ordered it! Awesome service guys, thank you. Will definitely be ordering from you again.

Helen, 02Apr16

easily the best pizza in MK, I'm not gonna bother with any others from now on! well done affamato

K, 02Apr16

If you think dominoes is good you couldn't be more wrong best pizzas Milton Keynes. No competion!!

Christian , 01Apr16

This tastes 100 times better than the other places we have been to. really like the crispy crust , fantastic service and really quick. Now know where we are getting out take away from in future.

Mark Lemon, 01Apr16

yet to try the food but sounds great!

Dylan Trench, 01Apr16

Love this pizza

Rachel Hostler, 01Apr16

Lovely food and very quick service. Will definitely be ordering again.

Vikki, 31Mar16

Best Pizza I've had in a long time, even my Daughters loved it now that's saying something. A very happy customer.

Anthony Barton, 31Mar16


Lara Chapman, 30Mar16

It was nice and tasty Italian pizza, however the only downside is that pizza came barely warm, I guess due to being not carried in hot bag. Maybe it is something to consider to buy for future to make customers even happier.

Jonathan, 30Mar16

It would be good to review once we have tried the food, rather than at the point of ordering.

Andy, 30Mar16

Very nice pizza, quick delivery.

Becky, 30Mar16

best takeaway pizza in mk, as authentic italian as you will find!

Anthony , 30Mar16

Great, healthy pizza. Arrived in less than a half hour.

Kathryn Hack, 30Mar16

No problem with the pizza, however my delivery driver this evening was not carrying enough change on him. Upon seeing that he would have to give me change he became quite short in our conversation making me feel like I was somehow in the wrong. Quite an uncomfortable experience and not really what I want from my delivery. It has also left me out of pocket as the driver took my money and gave me insufficient change. I don't want this negative experience to effect my future ordering from your store as it is the best pizza i've had in a long while.

Mitchell Taylor, 29Mar16

Excellent food!

Matthew, 29Mar16

Our first affamato order - delicious!!

Anneka, 28Mar16

Nice takeaway

Matt Chapman, 28Mar16


Bob, 26Mar16

Ordered for the first time this evening. Pizza was delicious! Many thanks for a great service, will definitely order again -)

Jayne Robinson, 26Mar16

Pizza was cold on arrival.

Trevor, 26Mar16

Good, bread, sauce and cheese but there were only a handful of mushrooms for such a large pizza. Most slices had 1 or 2 piece of mushroom on it and some were pretty much just margarita.Also it was expected for the basil to be placed on the pizza after its been cooked, not before.

Mehdi, 25Mar16

Pleasantly surprised with Affamato. Decided to give it a try and not only was the customer service polite and friendly, but the meal was fantastic. The sides were great and the pizza was very nice, a little burnt on the dough, but it didn't lose points for that as it was still overall very tasty! I'm sorry we couldn't leave a tip to the polite delivery man as we didn't have any cash on us, however we will definitely be ordering from Affamato again and will make sure to tip for such a great service and very very quick delivery. Thank you!

Kristina Falk, 25Mar16

Proper pizza

Jack, 24Mar16

Tastes like proper Italian pizza, will order again!

Thais, 24Mar16

The food was fantastic although one of the pizzas was really oilly . looked like some one has spilt some oil on it. but other than that no complaints.

Rob Wood, 22Mar16

Very fast service, lovely pizza!

Jacqui, 22Mar16

Outstanding delivery time, 20 mins earlier than expected. A very big and delicious pizza, LOVE the vegan cheese. So happy I found a great vegan friendly pizza.Thank you Affamatox

Nick Smith, 21Mar16


K, 20Mar16

Fantastic food, and great service

Jamesbrunton, 19Mar16

So good! Just ordered again as want more

Antonella , 19Mar16

Pizza was cold on arrival , no strawberries or raspberries on desert pizza.

Mecheala , 19Mar16

Very quick lovely & hot great quality

Terry, 19Mar16

Very very good pizza. So much better than the 'big' chains. Will order again

Karl, 18Mar16

wonderful food just like my wifes hoem town pizza

Dave, 17Mar16

Fresh ingredients, quick delivery and friendly service.Fully recommended )

Krzysztof Karita, 15Mar16

Great tasting pizza!!

Nik, 15Mar16

The website App would merge our 2 create your own pizza toppings together (missing matching toppings off the second pizza) - so took 2 attempts to submit a correct order via the website. Otherwise, really delicious food, very authentic and fresh!

Amy And Martin, 15Mar16

Delivery was very fast, the pizza has very tasty dough, the ingredients are very good as well. There were 2 small issues - one was that in our opinion all the meat ingredients were provided in too little amount and mushrooms were missing on one side of the half and half pizza. All in all, it's worth trying.

Marcin, 15Mar16

the best pizza in mk !! great customer service and fast delivery -)

Sophie, 14Mar16

Quiet simply the best takeaway pizza I've had in MK. The tomato is rich and authentic passata, the toppings are fresh and exquisite and the base is to die for. Nom nom nom nom

Daniel Johnson, 13Mar16

Great tasty food and quick delivery!

Darshini Panchmatia , 13Mar16

Excellent pizza, really fresh & tasty toppings. Fantastic variety. It feels so much healthier than the other shop pizzas - I always feel they stodge me up, but this base is airy and light, with proper crusts, and the toppings seem genuinely fresh. Great concept, brilliant value for money, very refreshing change from the usual hum drum. I'm hooked!

John H Furzton, 12Mar16

I was looking forward to a more authentic pizza experience, really not keen on American pizzas.......Loved the Rustica, it looked good, but.....Ash from the wood fire all over the base left me with very black fingers and it needed to be hotter, it was barely warm when it arrived (well within the 55min delivery time)

Lynda Colley, 12Mar16

Good Evening Dear Affamato Team! Everything was lovely but our pizza was little cold but we not fussy about that and it will be perfect if you have some small size pizza as well! But definitely we will order again soon! Thank you

Timea Mihaly, 12Mar16

The website is very unfriendly for tablet users. Option pop up menus jump around whilst scrolling up and down. Perhaps the final box could say Next rather than Exit. The pizzas were very fresh and tasty, however they weren't cut properly so we had to tear slices apart which was messy. Thanks for a good meal - we'll order from you again.

Wendy Thompson, 12Mar16

really nice pizza super pizza base, but in my opinion a bit too much cheese.

Gos, 11Mar16

Very fast delivery, piping hot, excellent ingredients, very friendly delivery driver. Will definitely be back for more.

Terence White, 11Mar16

Pizza is great tastes like a real Italian base was a little thick but overall best pizza have had in Milton Keynes

Jack Wilkes, 10Mar16

excellent service and very tasty authentic pizza

Tony Cowley, 09Mar16

Really impressed, good was very good. Delivery driver was nice and poilite

Rob, 09Mar16

very happy with the food. Not so friendly driver though

Sophie, 09Mar16

Missing a couple of toppings but really great quality and authentic taste.

Amy Lambourne, 08Mar16

Quality of pizza was really good and the food came well within quoted time. However the pizzas weren't hot, more warm.Glad too see vegan options!Mozzarella sticks weren't that good on delivery, were slightly cold.

Michael Gilbert, 08Mar16

Estimated delivery was 45 minutes, order arrived in under 20!Good grease-free pizza, fresh ingredients and a massive thumbs up for offering Vegan cheese!!Will be ordering again in the future.

Phil, 08Mar16

Very nice bases and vegan cheese yay thankyou

Mo, 07Mar16

Food looks great review bit premature but I do believe you need to make your site more mobile friends it quite difficult to navigate which could lose valuable costumers in the future all the best though Its about time milton Keynes has a decent Italian take out

Joshua Farrelk, 07Mar16

Was Delicious, brilliant, tasty and one of the best pizzas I have had

Rachel Hostler, 06Mar16

Pizza was enormous & very tasty,a generous portion of chicken wings . The kids loved the dessert pizza . Will use again whenever we are having pizza .

Steve, 06Mar16

Trying to track my order and this page comes up, can not review food that I have not recieved yet

Sancha, 06Mar16

Great food, will buy again ) Would definitely recommend.

Vikki, 05Mar16

The online ordering process could be better, it would be good to be able to use justeat or something similar where payment details are remembered and you can use paypal and apple pay, my card details don't even auto fill from my mac as the fields are not setup correctly on the payment screen. The online ordering is really difficult to do from a phone because of the way the website looks and behaves on a phone, in fact its almost impossible. Something like the justeat format and payment methods would be much better. The pizza is awesome though so I'll put up with it for now!! -D

Charlotte, 05Mar16

First time. Really good. We will repeat.

Jorge, 04Mar16

Arrived well within the time estimated. Really flavoursome pizza! More traditional and healthier than other well - known pizza outlets. Would definitely recommend (especially with the BBQ base) !

John, 03Mar16